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Introducing the Augusta Gold IRA Affiliate Program.

We’ve built a leading gold IRA affiliate program – a well-oiled "machine" and solid foundation for Augusta gold IRA affiliates. The program helps them serve hard-working American retirement savers successfully and compliantly, with the highest level of quality in the nation. We support our gold IRA affiliates every step of the way.

  • $165-$200 per qualified lead plus revenue share
  • 90-day cookie duration
  • Average high-dollar trades because consumers have confidence in the integrity of our company
  • Lifetime credit to you for every customer
  • Some affiliates are helping 80% of qualified leads become customers

* As an Augusta gold IRA affiliate, you’ll be proud to promote the best of the best gold IRA companies for compliance, education, extraordinary customer support, and top reviews!

Top Gold IRA Affiliate Benefits from Best of the Best Gold IRA Companies...
Compensation for your contributions to help us serve American retirement savers & empower them to diversify their hard-earned savings
Top-rated service to ensure your integrity with customers in this unregulated industry – no lies, gimmicks, or high-pressure tactics (like some other gold IRA companies)
Cutting-edge gold IRA affiliate portal for your convenience, creativity and efficiency, including auto tallying of results – take advantage of these tools to improve efficiency
High sales conversion rate supports your success as an Augusta gold IRA affiliate due to the company’s documented transparency and genuine commitment to customers
Dedicated and uniquely knowledgeable team with a powerful creative library to help you get the word out about this unique opportunity for American retirement savers
Robust compliance program & high transparency (we do things differently from other gold IRA companies) – together, you and Augusta can win retirement savers the right way.

Become an Augusta gold IRA Affiliate! Work with the best of the best gold IRA companies!

Become an Augusta Affiliate!
Competitive Gold IRA Affiliate Compensation

Here's how Augusta’s gold IRA affiliates get paid:

  • Qualified leads

    Receive $165-$200 per form (name, phone, email) and call lead.

  • Competitive rewards based on total gold IRA sales to referred customers

    We average high dollar amounts per trade because of our high level of integrity, which leads to customer trust & repeat business.

  • Tier 2 gold IRA affiliate revenue

    Earn additional rewards for trades by customers referred from your tier 2 affiliates.

Top of Line Gold IRA Affiliate Benefits

Why affiliate marketers join our program:

  • Phenomenal customer potential is backed up by Augusta's reputation – almost 1/3 of our 2021 trades were repeat customers. Your leads will likely buy again with no extra work from you. Augusta has 1000s of 5-star ratings and 100s of top reviews. It pays to work with the best of the best gold IRA companies!

  • Supportive marketing tools and free materials to connect customers with unique resources, including a web conference covering (1) the gold IRA process and fees; (2) the economy, inflation and reasons to buy gold; and – maybe most importantly – (3) how consumers can avoid questionable lies, scams and high-pressure tactics some other gold IRA companies use to get people to start gold IRAs with them. The web conference was designed by our on-staff, Harvard-trained economic analyst.

  • Cutting-edge gold IRA affiliate portal with a personal affiliate link to make it easy.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Become an Augusta Gold IRA Affiliate!
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– Joe Montana*
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We Help You Achieve Gold IRA Affiliate Success with the Industry’s “Most-Trusted” of the Best Gold IRA Companies!

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